Had some large, fairly flat rocks lying around and spray painted them with chalk paint on both sides.  Then, took a white paint pen (nice because it dries to represent a chalk-look) and painted some inspirational words on them.  Very easy; lots of fun!


While I’ve spent some time sewing and crafting over the last year or so, I’ve not spent time blogging about it.  One of my resolutions for 2012 is to try to remedy that, so here is my first post of the year.

I’ve gotten some great ideas from Pinterest for projects so will hopefully have some great things to share this year!

Happy New Year!!

My mom taught me to sew when I was young.  Then I took Home Ec in high school and loved the sewing courses.   I enoyed the challenge and the creativity of taking a pile of fabric and turning it into something tangible.

When I had my daughter, I sewed for her – a lot!  I loved sewing cute little outfits for her.  I also sewed clothing for myself, as well as home decor.

Of course, when you have limited space, your “sewing room” is wherever you can spread out enough to work.  Like the dining room table.  However, when it’s time to eat, you have to put everything away – praying that you’ll remember where you were and if you have all of the pieces together.

This went on for many year for me.  Even to the point where I gave up sewing, simply because I didn’t have the space to do it.

Then my hubby and I bought our first BRAND new home.  (We owned one before, but it was “used”).  We were empty-nesters and thought moving closer to work was a wise decision.  However, the home we purchased was about double the size of our last home.  (Most of it was basement).  So, we had the builders finish the basement into a family room and a 3rd bathm leaving a large area undone.

Last spring, we decided to finish that area.  So, we created a HUGE guest room and a smallish (9′ x 16′) nook.  Then, my wonderful husband had a dream.  I can’t believe that *I* didn’t have this dream….he dreamt that the nook was to be my sewing room.  The thought had never crossed my mind.  We had thought it would be the bedroom or the guest suite or maybe a sitting room.

I was SO excited!  A place that Icould work on projects, but leave them untouched if called away and not have to worry about the stuff being in anyone’s way.  So, we had discontinued bath cabinets and an 8′ long countertop added on one wall and additional outlets installed.  We painted an old baking cabinet of my grandmother’s and got some wicker furniture from my mom, and voila! – I have a beautiful sewing room.

I am at peace when I’m in this room.  Whether I’m listening to music or a thunderstorm CD on the stereo in the guest room (or have TLC on the television), my creativity reaches new heights and I feel that I can do anything.